Sunday, April 21, 2013

BREAKING NEWS - ALERT !!!!! BN under slime ball Najib wants to wipe out DAP from contesting in the May 5 elections.

Hi everyone,
This is shocking news timed specially at the 11th hour. BN is using the Registrar of Societies to do all this. Guys, DAP cannot even access its funds to pay for elections expenses. Because we are on the cusp of the elections and nominations closes on 20th, it will has to contest under PAS and PKR banner until the matter is resolved. With this move, BN under slime ball Najib wants to wipe out DAP from contesting in the May 5 elections.

Everyone, please spread the word and everyone vote out BN. Another round of dirty tactics endorsed by none other than the sly PM, Najib. You guys still want him and his corrupt, dirty lot to represent this nation??

BTW, what has ROS done with all the reports that many UMNO divisions around the country have not registered with ROS? Please check out Cakap Aminah Facebook for this article -somewhwere in there. Doesn't that make UMNO illegal and therefore cannot field its candidates for GE-13? If ROS does that, then it is fair, tit for tat.

Why hasn't ROS addressed this irregularity/illegality in UMNNO divisions for so many years? The answer is ROS is part of BN/UMNO.

Even good loyal BN folks are getting sick of this vicious beating up of the underdog so you can be sure they too will protest and vote for the Opposition instead.,

Word is out that if they can do that to the underdog, they can surely do the same to their own members and supporters too in different ways.

People of Malaysia vote wisely, vote out BN and you vote out the bubonic plaque.


DAP Suspended (Account Frozen !)

DAP suspended by R.O.S - Bank Account has been frozen.

Rocket logos can be used or displayed .....BUT !!!...
DAP cannot use the logo for GE 13 General Election.

Just announced that they will contest under PAS and PKR symbols.
Please inform friends and relatives especially those in the kampongs
and rural areas so that on polling day they are not confused and
know where to cross.

Another very DIRTY tactics being deployed !!

Anthony Dass Joseph Dass

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